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Pet Door Brown

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Petway Pet Doors are Australian designed, owned and made and have been designed specifically for insect and security screen doors. The doors are easy to fit and come with simple D.I.Y instructions. The beauty of Petway Pet Doors is that they can be fitted on site without taking the door off! Petway Pet Doors are made from UV Stabilised plastic and feature magnetic closure.

Petway Pet Doors are available in 3 sizes:


The Flap Opening Dimensions are: 240mm (9½") high x 190mm (7½") wide
This is suitable for all size cats and small to medium size dogs


The Flap Opening Dimensions are: 305mm (12") high x 225mm (9") wide
This is suitable for medium size dogs


The Flap Opening Dimensions are: 400mm (15¾") high x 260mm (10¼") wide
This is suitable for large size dogs

Which Sized Door is Right for My Pet?
The best way to see which size Petway Pet Door is suitable for your pet is to cut the dimensions of the flap opening out of a piece of cardboard and see which size your pet is most comfortable going through.

Planning on Installing the Door Yourself?

The tools you will require to install the door yourself are:

# Phillips Screw Driver
# Pointy Nose Pliers (optional)
# Roller Wheel (optional)
# Bolt Cutters or Hacksaw
# Marker Pen
# Stanley Knife or Blade
# Tape Measure

NOTE: Cut out sizes vary between pet door sizes. Please refer to the Fitting Instructions supplied with the Petway Pet Door. The sample below is the Instructions for the small Petway Pet Door - these measurements should not be used when installing the large Petway Pet Door.

Step 1:
Using pointy nose pliers, remove spline cord from bottom corner of security door below handle, taking out approximately 500mm in both directions from corner. Peel back insect screening to give clear access to grille.

Step 2:
Using tape, measure 300mm in height and 250mm in width from innermost edge of door frame. Mark with marker pen.

Step 3:
Using bolt cutters or hacksaw cut outside marked cutting line. Remove grille.
Note: Any rivets may have to be removed by drilling out. Fit PVC channel (provided) over cut grille edge. Undo 2 screws to disassemble packaged PETWAY pet door.

Step 4:
While holding outer frame against grille, place inner frame of Petway® pet door in position ensuring spline channel in security door frame is exposed. Using a Phillips screwdriver, tighten the two bottom screws provided. This will hold pet door frames in position. Do not over tighten screws. Gently spread the top section of frames apart and insert the flap with the word PETWAY® facing outside. Ensure the pet door stays straight with the security door frame and does not cover security door frame spline channel. Fit and tighten remaining four screws. Do not over tighten screws.

Step 5:
Allow insect screening to drape back down, rollspline cord back into its original position. Using a sharp blade, cut the insect screening as shown, running the blade between the pet door flap and the frame.

Step 6:
Starting at the top corner, pre-crease insect screening into the channel, then run the spline cord (provided) into the pet door spline channel. Using a sharp blade, trim off any excess spline cord and insect screening.

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Easy to Install

I'm a bit of a DH, when it comes to making things or putting things together. I did however purchase one of these doors for my screen door. It was really easy to install. My wife was so happy ( This doesn't happen often) .

- 13 Feb 2018 4:18pm

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