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Ipromea Tummy Time Probiotic Broth for Dog & Cat

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Size: 500ml

It’s important for your pet to drink up, so why not try IPROMEA’s Tummy Time Inner Health Pet Probiotic Broth, powered with Zoonatant™, a postbiotic supernatant which keeps harmful pathogens at bay.

Because we love a cuddle with our four-legged friends, microbes are often shared between us. Studies have shown we share a large proportion of microbiota with pets living in the same household, which means disturbances in the gut microbiome makes our pets as well as us prone to pathogens and harmful environmental influences.

To fend off any nasties, IPROMEA’s Tummy Time broth is the liquid elixir for optimal pet health and immunity, from the inside out. 


  • Broth for enhancing meals
  • Supports gut health for cats and dogs
  • Bioactive liquid elixir for optimal health and immunity

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