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Bliss Cat Toy Coloured Balls

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Size: 3 Pack

This selection of toys has been designed to encourage the playful and instinctive nature of your cat. They are considered a self-play toys - meaning they will keep your cat amused for hours - even when you're not at home.

These toys are made from non-toxic materials.


Product Reviews for Bliss Cat Toy Coloured Balls

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My cat loves these

Our kitten loves soft balls that he can chase, attack and kick with his little back legs. These are soft with a quiet crinkly noise, and the perfect size - not too small, but not so big that he can’t pick them up in his mouth and carry them around the house. I’m really happy with them. The only downside is because he loves playing with them so much, they’re getting a little grubby! And we’ve lost one that has rolled away somewhere and now can’t be found. I’ll buy more to keep kitty with a steady supply.

- 23 Jan 2021 8:27am

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