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Cat Kitty Cave

$39.95 Inc GST
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Size: Aprox 430 x 380mm

This Cat Cave by Bono Fido has been developed to not only deliver the ultimate comfort to your pet, but also provide you with an easy machine washing experience. The fabric has been chosen to breathe well and resist dirt along with being soft and snug. It is perfect for those cats who like to bury themselves under the covers and also allows them to play with a little peephole purposely placed.

Assorted styles available (Camel or Blue). Order selection varies based on availability. 

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My cat's in LOVE

I have an elderly Siamese girl. I bought her "the igloo" a couple of weeks ago. Since then she has spent hours snuggled up in it. Her other loves are sitting on laps, curled up in the sunshine on her bean bag or in front of the heater whenever it is on ! At other times, she is quite active....so it is either flat out or full stop! Forgot to mention playing with her pipe cleaners or hair bands! Anyway....the "cat cave" is definitely a winner!! Money well spent!

- 21 Oct 2019 8:38pm

Such a snuggly cave!

Other reviews say it doesn't stay up. It's not meant to! This is for the kinda of cat that likes snuggling under the blankets. Also the picture has the cave the wrong way up. There is a band that goes around the outside of the cave inside the material that provides more vertical support. if you position the cave so the porthole goes to the side and not pointed to the top, then the cave stays open for your puss to easily jump in. Puttie loves it on these cold nights and it is sitting on top of one of our loungeroom chairs.

- 21 Jun 2018 3:18pm

My cats love it!

2 of my 3 cats love it so much I'm buying another!

- 07 Jun 2017 9:32pm

Not so Bad

My cat loves this cubby, ive seen a few negative reviews but for my cat he loves to fight his way in, and scrunch it all around. I think it going flat keeps the moggy happy and challenged. Donna S

Donna Smith
- 09 Mar 2017 7:00pm

Poor choice

It looks nice and snuggly in the picture. I think my cat would have definitely used it had it been able to actually stand up by itself. It squishes flat when not held up so she can't even get in. Sometimes I prop it against the wall but as soon as it gets pumped it falls down again. Wouldn't recommend.

- 25 Oct 2016 8:26pm

Bit of a fail

Small and doesn't stay up by its self, effectively rendering it a small piece of corduroy for your cat to lay upon rather than to sit in.

- 28 May 2016 1:00pm

My Cat Loves it

This plush bed is different, it has soft sides and my cat plays in it all the time, .

- 29 Dec 2015 6:14pm

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